Dental Check-Ups

It is recommended by the Australian Dental Association that children are taken to the dentist soon after they get their first tooth and this initial examination is very gentle. Our dentist will just want to take a quick look inside their mouth while they are seated on your lap. It is a great opportunity for a child to become accustomed to a new environment but it is mainly to discuss with you regarding their dental care, diet and how to look after their very first teeth.

As they get older, we will need to see them regularly for a check-up and clean. Every child is carefully assessed for their level of risk for dental problems and will receive advice and recommendations to keep their teeth strong and healthy. When they are ready to begin brushing their teeth on their own, we can show them the best way to do this and we have lots of experience in making this personalised tuition fun and interesting for your child. Our aim is to help them develop great oral health habits that will last for life.