Amalgam Free Fillings

Traditionally, filling material was made from a metallic alloy called amalgam.

This material is strong and durable, but does not compare to the contemporary filling material available in our Mackay practice.

Disadvantages of amalgam fillings:

  • This filling material is comprised of an alloy which contains around 50% mercury. When chewing on the treated area, amalgam fillings can release small amounts of toxic mercury vapour into the mouth.
  • In contrast to our natural tooth enamel, amalgam expands and contracts in response to temperature changes in the mouth (caused by the foods and beverages we consume). This can cause the fillings to crack teeth and become loose – damaging the integrity of your natural tooth.
  • The process utilised in traditional amalgam fillings involves simply packing the amalgam into the void, which does not create a complete seal. Bacteria and plaque are free to develop underneath the filling – feeding further tooth decay.
  • Amalgam fillings are not aesthetically pleasing as they are a dark metallic colour and do not blend with the colour of the natural tooth structure that surrounds it.

Our contemporary filling material is completely safe and mercury free.

A filling from Northern Beaches Dental is completely safe, and presents a range of positive benefits over amalgam fillings.

Advantages of a filling from Northern Beaches Dental

  • Free of mercury and completely safe.
  • The material does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes in the mouth.
  • Our fillings protect teeth from further damage by completely sealing the void created by dental decay.
  • This filling material is tooth coloured and can be colour matched to correlate with the exact colour of your natural tooth.

If you have an existing amalgam filling that you are unhappy with, we can replace these with our modern dental filling material.