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Common causes of sensitive teeth explored by our dentist Mackay

Does it hurt when you drink hot coffee? Or do you get a sharp sensation in one or more of your teeth when you eat ice cream? Dental sensitivity, also known as tooth sensitivity, is a well-known condition that can affect millions of people globally. How do you know whether you have it? If you […]

For a dentist Mackay, come to Northern Beaches Dental!

Northern Beaches Dental is a dental practice that is part of a thriving health precinct, which also offers GPs, a skin clinic, physiotherapy and a chemist, so your health is covered in one place. Our dentist Mackay offers a wide range of general dentistry services, from routine checkups and cleanings to more complex procedures like […]

What is a dental x-ray and when might your dentist use them?

As a dentist Mackay, we understand that dental X-rays can be a source of anxiety for our patients. We want to reassure you that X-rays are an essential tool that allows us to diagnose dental problems and provide the best possible treatment for your oral health. What is a dental x-ray? X-rays are a type […]

Building A Positive relationship Between The Dentist And Your Child

Finding a dentist Mackay that you feel confident and comfortable with for yourself and your family is really important. We all know that the dentist Mackay can be a scary place for children and therefore finding a dentist that is friendly, informative, and calm is essential. With this in mind, we’re going to take a […]

Causes of halitosis explored by our dentist

It is a social faux pas and one that can instantly put people off of talking to you on a date; bad breath. Indeed, everyone has had bad breath at one time or another and may have been able to simply chew on some gum to get rid of it. When it becomes chronic, it […]

What our dentist checks for during a dental examination

Most people have the assumption that when they attend a dental check-up every six months, the only thing that is being looked for is signs of dental decay, which would then usually warrant either a filling or a crown to be fitted. However, dental check-ups are a lot more sophisticated than this, and while dental […]

Teeth straightening with our dentist MacKay

Teeth straightening has a beneficial impact on the appearance of your smile as well as your dental health. There are many different ways to straighten your teeth with our dentist Mackay thanks to significant advances in dental technology. Speak to us at Northern Beaches Dental if you are looking to address the misalignment issues of […]

Emergency dental treatment with our dentist

It is important to visit the dentist on a regular basis to make sure that your teeth are strong and healthy and free from signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Despite good dental care, one day you may find yourself in a dental emergency. Here at Northern Beaches Dental we are able to provide […]

Do you REALLY need to visit the dentist every six months?

Most patients are acquainted with visits to the dentist Mackay to check the condition of teeth and undergo deep dental cleaning procedures, but few stop to question why these are necessary in the first place. There is a whole lot more to keeping to your bi-annual checkups at the dentist Mackay than you might think. […]

You’ve got a dentist Mackay at Northern Beaches Dental!

When you think of a dentist Mackay, we hope you think of Northern Beaches Dental as we have a wide range of treatments available that should mean you won’t need to go anywhere else. Whether you require general dentistry or something more specific, our dentist Mackay can devise a treatment plan that is suitable for […]

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