Do you REALLY need to visit the dentist every six months?

Most patients are acquainted with visits to the dentist Mackay to check the condition of teeth and undergo deep dental cleaning procedures, but few stop to question why these are necessary in the first place. There is a whole lot more to keeping to your bi-annual checkups at the dentist Mackay than you might think.

At Northern Beaches Dental, we always aim to educate patients on the significance of their dental health to their physical health and mental well-being. Medical research continues to draw links between poor dental health and other systemic diseases and medical complaints.

Another critical reason dental authorities encourage these bi-annual checkups is to identify potential problems early and establish preventive measures to stop their progression. Filling in dental cavities may seem of minor importance to patients, but these treatments offer significant benefits when taken in the grand scheme of things.

Ignoring minor problems only ends in one way – the issue gets worse and more expensive to fix, the more complex it gets. Dental care is as much about taking steps to prevent dental disease as it is about treating these diseases. The earlier the dental issues are tackled, the easier and quicker they are resolved with much less expense involved.

Here are some of the reasons we encourage patients to book those bi-annual teeth and gum checkup appointments.

Reasons why trips to our dentist Mackay are so important

Dental problems are not always first seen or felt by the patient. Tooth pain and inflamed gums are the most common dental complaints patients are familiar with, but there are other danger signs that lurk beneath the surface that point to the progression of diseases. Loss of jawbone density, tooth bone decay and tumours require x-ray equipment in order to be identified. Identifying these below-surface issues is one of the under-valued benefits of visiting the dentist every six months.

Regular visits to our dental practice will help our dentist keep an eye out for bad lifestyle habits you may be guilty of that can potentially ruin your dental health. Teeth grinding and using teeth for something apart from biting and chewing food put undue pressure on them that damages enamel and results in tooth loss.

While twice-daily brushing and flossing once a day form the backbone of the at-home oral hygiene routine, professional dental cleanings still play a significant role in keeping oral hygiene in check. Due to the natural design of the mouth, there are inevitably areas in the mouth that remain out of reach of toothbrush bristles and floss thread. These spaces create safe harbours for bad bacteria to thrive, and it is only a trained dentist using suitable equipment who can effectively clean teeth and gums. Are you looking for an accredited dental practice with a family-like feel to it? At Northern Beaches Dental, we offer superior dental care for patients of all ages. We are well-recognised for our professional devotion to excellence and care.